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`Blooming Home`

Make your nest nicer 

and sell it faster!


On this page we introduce you quiet important information about

* Pre-sale home self-inspection tips

* What to pay your attention at home , if you are in a home selling period

* My `Blooming Home` Yard and Garden Festival: terms and conditions

* How to present your home on the market better: curb-appeal, landscaping, home staging tips

Factors impact how easily your house will sell.

When interest rates are low - home sales go up, as buyers are willing to borrow larger amounts of money and can therefore meet your asking price.

However, if the overall economy is depressed, buyers may become more cautious, and selling could be difficult.

 * In spring and summer, your house could get a higher price because parents are trying to move before schools start again. It is a dynamic time, but be ready to make your decision very fast before a home was gone.

* Between November and January, your house will probably sell more efficiently and closer to your asking price, as buyers may be more serious and want to close the deal quicker. In the other words: the only motivated Buyers are looking for a home at this time.

* Low interest rates make it easier to sell you home because buyers are more likely to borrow money.

* August and September are slow month - people spent money already. If there are fewer Buyers - it is easier to bargain with the Sellers then.

* A depressed economy with growing inflation makes it a good time to sell - people rush to save money from inflation.

* As you see - all the time is good to the both sides if the price is right. Everything sells for the right price. As much earlier you buy - as much more money you put to the own pocket.

When is the best time to sell?

What if you would like to sell and to buy after right away?

I guess you are talking about the highest dollars and about the convenience of the selling - buying process.

First, if you sell lower at the low market and you buy quickly - you buy for the lower price too, so you have the lower mortgage.

If you sell on the top of pricing index and if you would like to buy - you have to pay more and you have the higher mortgage.

Now the answer is up to you: what do you want: lower or higher mortgage?

The second, what do you think, when do you have a more good selection: when prices are higher or lower?

When prices are lower, many people will hold the the listings of their homes, so only who must sell - will sell. The selection to the Buyers will be less. When prices go up -many people would like to sell. Big selection but at the higher pricing.

Now the answer is up to you again: would you like to see more homes to choose from? Or you would like to use lower price index opportunity now?

In any way you go - is the right way, because it fits to your unique situation. You Choose!

Pre-Sale Home Inspection

Troubleshooting by Robert Louden



Prospective buyers commonly submit offers that are conditional upon a satisfactory home inspection. An inspection that reveals problems or weaknesses in the property can result in a reduction in the sale price, delays or possibly the loss of the sale.

Prudent homeowners conduct a careful examination of their home prior to listing their property. If they notice potential problems, they can decide whether or not to address them. In some cases, homeowners may decide to repair the problems on their own or hire a professional such as a roofer, furnace repair person, etc., as required.

If you are planning to sell your home in the near future, be sure to include these items in your examination:



The roots of large trees growing close to a home may damage foundation walls or plumbing lines. Unhealthy trees can potentially fall onto the house. Branches that overhand a home can damage the roof and gutters. Consult a professional to address these situations.


Ideally, the ground should slope down from the house to prevent excess moisture along foundation walls that can result in wet basements. A leaking basement can be a sign that weeping tiles (drainage tiles) around the house have shifted.


If you cannot safely climb up onto the roof to inspect the chimney, you may be able to get an adequate view with binoculars. Check to see that the chimney is straight and that there are no noticeable signs of deterioration such as crumbling or missing mortar between bricks.


Once again, if you cannot safely climb onto the roof you may be able to get an adequate view with binoculars. Common roof problems include missing, warped, or damaged shingles and tiles. This type of damage can allow moisture to penetrate the building envelope. Also look for bent or drooping gutters; the weight of fallen leaves or overhanging branches may be the cause. If you have a slate roof, do not walk on it because the shingles can split; hire a professional to conduct an inspection.


Materials commonly used for siding include wood shakes and shingles, aluminum, vinyl, stucco, asbestos/cement shingles, brick and lumber. If the siding is painted, look for peeling or missing patches of paint. Check for warping and deterioration of the siding material caused by exposure to the elements. Wood siding is particularly susceptible to moisture and sun damage. Although brick is quite durable, the mortar between the bricks deteriorates over time; look for crumbling or missing mortar.


A basement is the root of a home; problems that begin in the basement can affect the condition of the entire structure. As a new home settles, it is common for cracks to appear in the cement. If the cracks are larger than 0.5cm (.025 inches) wide or they continue to appear years after the home was built, they may be an indication that the house is settling unevenly which can be a serious situation.

Basement design varies depending on the style of home construction and also on the amount of moisture and the quality of the soil in a particular region. Areas with heavy clay soils have poor drainage and as a result, water can seep into basements. Sump pumps are a common solution. If your basement has this type of water redirection system, ensure that the pump is in good working order. Of course, you do not need to live in an area with clay soil to experience flooding. Check for these signs of moisture penetration:

  1. Visible water
  2. A darkened or discolored floor

  3. Mold growing on walls, pipes and furniture (remember mold is commonly black but it can be almost any color)

  4. Rust on the water heater, washer and dryer or other metal items

  5. Warping or rotting at the base of a wooden staircase

Water Heater

Water heaters have a limited lifespan and it is very easy to determine if the water heater has broken because you will wake up to a cold shower! On functional water heaters, it is still important to check to see that the water line connections are not leaking and that there is non-flammable insulation around the tank.


Check the owners' manual to ensure that you are changing and/or cleaning the filter on schedule. Other than listening for unusual knocking sounds that can indicate something has broken, it can be difficult to evaluate a furnace without the assistance of a professional.

Crawl Space

Look for signs of termite damage and rot due to excess moisture. Insulation and ventilation are important ways to reduce moisture and heat loss from your home.


If the house has a flat roof or cathedral ceilings, the home likely does not have an attic. However, the space between the roof and the ceiling of the upper floor should still have adequate ventilation and insulation to prevent excess moisture inside and a build-up of ice on the roof in the winter. If the home has an attic, check for signs of leaks, excess moisture, and mold growth. Check to see that the insulation is still in good condition; some types of insulation can settle over time.

Living Areas


Are the floors squeaky or sagging? The floor may not have been built with adequate support or a beam may be deteriorating (e.g. dry rot).


Do you have condensation inside double glazed windows (an indication of a broken seal) or condensation on the window surface (common with single pane windows that provide little insulation)?


Do you have condensation or leaks around skylights?

Electrical outlets

Do all the outlets work? If not, faulty wiring may be to blame. Due to the fire hazard risk, this is a problem worth investigating further with a professional.


Do the appliances work properly? Are there any leaks in the water line? Is the vent to the outdoors clogged with lint?


Do the appliances, exhaust fan, electrical outlets and lights work properly?


Rust stains around the bolts at the base of the toilet can indicate excess moisture in the room. Is the fan working properly to remove this moisture?


Even if home inspectors do not make note of some 'cosmetic' problems, you can be sure that buyers will notice. As you examine your home, look for signs of wear and tear such as scuffs and dents in baseboards and walls, cracked and chipped tiles, stains on the flooring, rusted faucets and cracked windows.

These tips can help you avoid surprises during a home inspection and give you an opportunity to correct some common problems before listing the home for sale. Hopefully, the home inspector (and your buyers) will give your home a clean bill of healthy home.


Here we have a fun part of my website:

Invitation to Unique Yard and Garden Festival

`Blooming Home`

Dear friends.

The one of my hobbies is landscaping. Everywhere I step - I make my surrounding better. My heart was involved to make our own home, balcony and yard blooming.

I know that you improve your home too and I appreciate your efforts because step bu a step you made your blooming home unique.

There are many ways to make our area more beautiful than it is. `Blooming Home` Festival is a one of them. There is no a million dollars price, but there is a million dollars fun and appreciation! It is a pleasant part of the quality of our life.

When we moved from Burnaby Lake to Fraser Heights - we felt in love to the great landscaping of our neighbors. After receiving compliments to their gorgeous houses and yards people were responding in the same manner:``We, the proud residents of Fraser Heights, love our area and we would like to make it even better``.

That is where the idea of Unique Garden and Yard Festival came from.

The Festival was organized for the residents

of Fraser Heights to bring our community together for the fun, information sharing, networking and garden improvements.

Now we invite all the people who like landscaping, home improvement and gardening.

Do you remember when you just moved in to your house? Did you feel that your garden reflects your tastes and feels comfortable to you and to your family? Did it have a personality? Do you remember how much time and money you have spent to make it yours?

We would like to show our appreciation for your efforts and to celebrate the difference between then and now!

Terms and conditions:

To participate in the Garden and Yard Festival, you just have to show us what has been done by you in your garden.

Pictures BEFORE and AFTER can show us that even little efforts we can make a difference!

We offer three stages: (1) April – May, (2) June – July and (3) August – September. So be ready to share the beauty of your flowers and to show your unique ideas.

Everything that you could do by yourself will count: a garden bed, a bench, new trees, stones, a small pond, a quiet path, an unusual birdhouse, even your patio pots...Before and After pictures will be judged. If you can not take a picture, please, call. We will do it for you. The best pictures will be published.

*The winners will be invited for a romantic dinner for two.

We would like to start a new tradition that will spread across the city and make our homes more unique, more welcoming and more splendid! Please support our festival and a great new tradition will be born bringing joy and beauty to your neighborhood.

The sponsor of the Unique Yard and Garden Festival

is Realtor


Volunteers are Welcome.

Please, call 778-988-5001,


Your ideas are important!

If you have any ideas about Unique Garden and Yard Festival ( `Blooming Home` ) improvement or if you have any questions about Real Estate , please, feel free to contact us any time. 

Please, call

Lara Bezglasna 778-988-5001

Please, e-mail:

Please, get ideas from Laras` website:

Any participant can receive free market evaluation in your area for your home and free monthly Real Estate Link statistics.

There's much more to come!

* Maybe you will be not surprised to find your own home here as a nominee for the best front or back yard? Go for it!

* * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Home selling inspirational ideas

( look, copy, paste and use )

* Back Yard

Here is a site that I suggest for the back yard improvement inspiration, specially if you have an older house - your nice yard will sell the property :

*Home curb appeal ideas:

Sometime Buyers just drive by before to make an appointment.

The first impression is the same as on a job interview. 

It is 30 second for the Byers inner 

`like `or `do not like` impression.

Make them want to come! 

The entrance door presentation is important. If you can not put $3000 door, just paint it and change the door knob for the shiny new.It works very well too!

It is also nice if your roof is in a harmony with a door color.

* Landscaping tips that can help to sell your home ( HGTV ):

Some pictures I took from a magazine, some from internet, but the most of these pictures I took by myself in the homes of my clients. You can do it too.

Be creative, work on the imagination of potential Buyers, make them love your yard, to desire to sit there and to dream to own it!

I did not show you millions dollars design here for a purpose: I encourage you to make your home homy where people can hide i their little castle and relax. If you can`t hire a professional - make a lot of cute improvements by your self. Sometime the inviting yard could sell the house.

Ask your self: What were you looking for when you was buying this home? What attracted you the most? Your Buyers might see it too if you enhance it.

Make creative cute corners, use lighting, water, planters, benches. 

The difference of the interior home decoration and a back yard is - the house must be neutral, on the yard you can be unusual and whimsical. Make the Buyers to be excited about your creative lovely garden that they could be proud and to impress their guests too.

On the back yard the most of the people are looking for a privacy and retreat. Make it cozy!

Sale a life style that your Buyers could look in your area! 



Apartment / home/ staging tips:

Remember, if a yard sells the house - the kitchen sells the apartment. 

Lara`s main selling tips for the showings of a selling home :

#1: forget that this home is yours, let it go and try to make it as a show room

#2: never(!) dirty, greasy, messy: it makes your home look cheaper - clean, clean, clean

#3: never(!) clattered: de-clutter, depersonalize, refresh, repaint, repair

#4: minimum decorative colors - maximum bright flowers

#5: minimum clutter - maximum empty surfaces

#6: minimum non-repaired features - maximum extremely bright lights

#7: minimum personal pictures (or better none) - maximum mirrors

#8: never(!) and no(!) pet litter, pet food, pet pillows for the showing time: take it out

#9: minimum (or none for the showing time, I am very sorry) religious items, hobby items, sex magazines and other very personal staff like underwear or wardrobes: people feel like they intrude your privacy and they want to live faster

#10: newer(!) too cold or too hot temperature: rent a heather or an air conditioner/fan

#11: never(!) bad odors/ it turns people away - refresh, deodorize, refresh

#12: never(!) old entrance rug, old slippers, old sop, old towels / take it away

#13: maximum cozy corners that influence the imagination: you offer and sell life style

#14: always inviting, cozy, neutral homey arrangement that suits to any one`s taste

Many more links from professionals:

My favorite is Pintrest website.

It is where I choose the board to find great ideas like landscaping, staging, kitchen, bedroom ideas, renovation, cooking, remodeling...

Here are a few examples:


Meticulously clean white kitchen with 3-5 yellow accents make it look fresh and homey at the same time.  

The Dark tile walls and shiny tile floor, 3 red accents make this small kitchen younger, bigger and modern.

This kitchen got an old oak cabinets `facelift. The color was restored to the classic but modern shade and got a thick glossy layer.

The same material of counter-tops and the floor (it is granite in this example)

brings this kitchen to a sold finished harmony and give it a rich look.

This is the same kitchen before and after.

Small size kitchens should have less decorations, less ornaments, less colorful tiles then a spacious kitchens where more details will not make it looks clutter.

This small kitchen below looks newer and bigger because the top up to the sealing cabinets were added and the painting and the new window was done too. Who guess that it is a Vancouver 50 years old home? (left)

On a right is the same kitchen after a renovation (I should use the lighter picture)

Antique style is in a fashion now but remember: antique never gets old :-)

If you can totally change your cabinets - it is always better. If not - change not so expensive staff like the cabinets hardware, handles, electrical plugs/switchers, light features... Refreshing attracts.

This gray kitchen was simply painted (the idea was from IKEA kitchens display), new lighting, cabinets knobs, taps and counter tops were installed and it looks like new!

Updates are good, but if you can do a new kitchen - it is always a winner for a home sale! A hint: go to check what are builders use in the new constrictions. Usually they hire designers - so you can apply the freshest ideas and newest styles/materials to your home and present it like this kitchen below and to bring the home value definitely up.


It should be the cleanest and the freshest room in a house, as I wrote it above. Just must!

It is very good to change the vanity counter top. Can not afford granite - change it for vinyl, but it is the most important detail to make a washroom fresher.

If you do new tiles - it is good to use the most modern tiles as market is offering now: tile murals, tile mosaic, floral print ideas, different themes prints. Impress the buyers, if they just sold their older home- they will appreciate the contemporary feeling.

Have a look. New ideas are endless. Go for it.

This 5 million house washroom reminds me about spa...Oh! Do you feel it too? Right!

This is what we have to create: the feeling of a sanctuary retreat. How? By making a smell of it. Let us put on the lavender candles for the showing!

Good luck!


Dear Sellers!

As you see that I did not forget about you!

I do not provide a general approach to the selling property because the each property is unique and I pay attention to promote its`uniqueness` to the Buyers.

To the Sellers I have an aggressive marketing plan that I present when we list the property. It includes a private U-TUBE about the selling home. I am able to put more pictures than MLS allows, to set up a virtual tour, to show a brochure, to advertise on Greigs list, Kijiji, the other media sites and many more. I offer a devoted service, a lot of my time and the most important - a lot of a personal attention. I offer my generous referral fee for bringing me Buyers, and also my services price range is attractive.

When I see your home - I give the unique professional recommendations according to the unique Sellers situation.

Rely on my professional and personal real estate experience and please call to make a listing preview and a listing preparation appointment


Sincerely yours Lara Larisa Bezglasna

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