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It is a pleasure to notice that a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. We respect your support and we pay our referral fee for it.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

Team 3000 Realty is one of the great real estate agencies in Metro-Vancouver and because of our loyalty to our clients, this extraordinary promotional time framed campaign has been designed.

My Invitation to a

Referral Fee Agreement

This invitation has been created with the offer to pay you referral fees for the first completed real estate deal with the customer that you sent me.

Here are the main details:

  • This is a time framed promotional offer that is a subject to the signed Referral Fees Agreement between you and me.
  • The transaction of buying/selling real estate is completed with me.
  • I received `Lara`s full charge` remuneration for my real estate services.
  • Your reward (cheque or e-transfer) will be released within the next week after a completion and after our agency has received `Lara`s full charge` commissions of 3.255% for the first $100t and 1.1625% to the balance as a Buyer`s Realtor and the amount of 7% to the first $100t and 2.5% to the balance for the listing as a Seller`s Realtor (to split with the potential Buyers Realtor).
  • For transaction over $400000, I grant you $1000 or more (TBD*) if `my full` commissions (`Lara`s full charge`) were paid by the seller or the selling agency.
  • If the deal is less than $400000 or if my commissions were less % than is mentioned in this agreement above - I grant less referral fee. It is a percentage of the remuneration I receive. Your referral in this case, is determinate specifically for the specific situation based on TBD* with you. Pls contact me.
  • Sometime, the listing charge to the Sellers might be or more, or less and it applies to your referral fee in the accordance to the received commissions amount, which will be based on the mutual agreement between you and me (TBD*).
  • There are no referral fees for `MERE` listings.
  • Everything is written in our Referral Fee Agreement between me and you and signed by us, is an enforceable Legal Document with the liability from the both parties and the referral fees amount must be paid based on BC Law.
  • If I receive a referral contact from two parties at the same time - I split the referral fee amount, so it is better for you to be the first! Please call to sign our referral fee agreement.
  • The receivers of my referral fees were happy to get it and, since I started this referral campaign, they continue to send me potential clients. I hope to get a good business relationship with you too.

Overall: call for details, sign the Referral Fee Agreement and use the opportunity.

How does it work?

This is a like an easy part-time job where you just talk to your friends at your spare time, you recommend my name, my real estate services and, upon the completion, you get a reward for your references.

What you do? You call me first, we sign Referral Fee Agreement that is explained at this website - and after a completion, you get the referral directly from me or from a Notary office.

It is a win-win-win situation:

* Your friends will be happy that you found them a good Realtor that cares about saving clients money and has exclusive trading skills.

* I will be happy to work and to earn my commissions.

* You will be happy to receive extra money with very easy efforts.

Please, ask any questions about the Real Estate today and feel free to contact to:

Lara Larisa Bezglasna: 778-988-5001

*This communication has no intention any existing Real Estate agency

* All copy rights reserved

*TBD - to be discussed

Open House u-Tube episode

If you wish to `spot` me how I work, here is U-Tube link with an open house episode to introduce Lara to your friends when you wish to refer me:

The one of our Referral Fee Agreements example

Because the each Referral Fee agreement is unique, we will add all specific conditions and details (for example, the name of the potential client, specific addresses, specific referral fee amount and others) of our Agreement and it will be created particularity for for your specific case.

As soon as it signed by all the parties - it is an enforceable Legal Document.

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